Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard lead-time for batteries?

Our lead time in many cases is 24 hours. Give us an your forecast and we drive stock ahead of demand. We order and received the correct volume based on lead-times and projected use.

Can you explain how our Battery Capacities are determined?

BCI is the source and set the basic standards. It varies slightly by industry and application. Essentially, it is the total Amps provided over an 8 hour period and discharging to 1.75VPC. If a battery can supply 10 amps for 8 hours before reaching the final end voltage of 1.75vpc, it would be an 80 AH battery. 

Can I store my batteries for a period of time prior to installation?

Yes, some batteries can be stored for up to 2 years but most are 3 to 6 months and all are temperature dependent.

What considerations are important to consider when Connecting Batteries in Parallel?

Be sure you charge and discharge are balanced. Use a common bus to terminate the incoming power and well as the load distribution.

Can I “tap” my battery for different voltage requirement?

Not recommended. There are cases where it is a necessary evil but it is not recommended because it generally creates imbalances in the batteries.

What is the basic recommended post Installation Inspection?

Most manufactures have a guideline in the installation manual to follow. Whenever possible, take cell voltage readings and record them for trending. If they are steady, it’s a good sign, if you see wide variations of cell voltages, it may be necessary to adjust some parameter in the system. 

What are the recommended Inspection and Record Keeping guidelines for batteries? 

Follow the manufactures guideline and IEEE Standards. You will be glad you did!

What are some of the basic considerations to apply to installing new batteries? How long is the load to be supported? How many amps is the load? What is the system voltage? Are there temperature considerations? Is the site accessible? Does it need to be “over designed” to account for loses....

The list of questions varies greatly on the application and desires of the requester.