About Dynamic Battery Sales and Services

Dynamic Battery Sales & Services (DBSS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of C.P.S., Inc. Since Communication Power Solutions' inception in 1994, we have dedicated our efforts to providing quality DC power products and engineered solutions for a wide variety of companies in the telecom, UPS, Utility, switchgear and other standby power applications. We have often served industries that require creative, cost effective engineered power and distribution solutions. For more info on DBSS, click on our Line Card.

We offer a variety of products, installation, and engineering services. Our complete line of best in class standby batteries include industrial Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries, AGM, Gel, Carbon and Flooded have been our anchor products since 1993. Our working history with several Battery OEM’s, has helped us earn competitive positions with several Battery manufacturers. Our offerings continued to grow into battery audits, cause of failure assessments, testing, installation and of course removal. We provide a variety of products and value-added services to AT&T, Verizon, various utilities and Tier 1 GC’s thought the west.

We offer engineered Power Solutions, customized and turn-key outfitted enclosures and UL Cabinets. These are designed for batteries, rectifiers, microwave gear, fiber and transport equipment or any other equipment requiring reliable power.  

We are a GE Lineage power partner (Now ABB) and we also work with most major manufactures of DC power to provide installation and integration services as required. 


For over 25 years, we have offered complete installation and commissioning service in the wireless, land line, data centers and fiber optic markets. These services include power and radio installation, fiber optic equipment installation and on-site commissioning. With an outstanding record of consistent quality and service both locally and Nationally, we continue to add value to our products by providing engineered solutions to meet and exceed expectations. We build it on time every time and stay on budget.