Customer Centric and Customer Driven


Dynamic Battery Sales & Service (DBSS) maintains a network of corporate alliances and offers virtually unlimited capabilities in both products & services. Our customer base is made up of a wide array of industries and company sizes. We offer our customers a powerful resource to achieve both short and long-term success. 


The ongoing training and expansion have continued as DBSS has taken on projects locally, Nationally and now Globally. Our crews range from entry level to Tech-2, 3 and 4, following Telcordia Standards. Skill levels for field work and CT Commissioning tester are level 1 or level 2 for testing and transport equipment turn up. This experience allows us to take on additional work of a similar nature. DBSS has electrical contracting licenses or partnerships in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, California and throughout the Midwest. 

DBSS Installation

  • Trained to regulated standards: Ref various Verizon NSTD's, Qwest 77350 and AT&T TP76300
  • Extensive battery installation and maintenance experience
  • Design, assemble and install iron work and cable rack
  • Size, cut, and install cable (power to 750MCM, coax, twisted pair, etc.)
  • Secure and lace all cabling
  • Level, align and install network bays

DBSS Commissioning and Testing

  • Competent with GE Lineage, Vertiv-Emerson Network Power
  • Argus, Eltek Valere Trained
  • Battery Capacity testing to IEEE or Customer Standards
  • Rectifier set-up and alarm verification
  • Install, provision, and test all phases and levels of alarming
  • Install any type of power board and alarm function test and verify