Battery Testing

DBSS offers extensive battery testing services both in house and in the field. We operate state of the art equipment and provide the depth of experience required for expert analysis. We offer these services Nationwide, in all markets and for all backup battery applications. In most cases, we can provide a quote within 24 hours.

Regardless of the Challenge, your Backup Power Systems need to be ONLINE, ONTIME, EVERYTIME!

Let us provide you with that confidence today!

Battery testing costs $900-$1200 per battery string (depending on battery size/capacity, test time, and site location).

In addition to the discharge/capacity dynamic testing, DBSS also offers a Site Survey that gathers information on the batteries in telecommunication sites while making a quick check for obvious problems. The Site Survey provides data on:

  • Details the battery model and serial numbers,
  • Site dimensions sketch of the battery stack(s), rectifiers and other nearby equipment to determine the available nearby space for possible battery options,
  • Operating cell and rectifier voltages, plant loads,
  • Visual check for leaks and other problems,
  • The last time the battery was checked,
  • Room temperature and,
  • Other data that will help you manage your battery testing program.

The Site Survey as above costs $150 per site.

The scope and price of the Site Survey can be modified to meet customer needs.

Call us at 480-345-9801 for more details on our testing capabilities.