Engineered Solutions
Custom Load Distribution Panels

DBSS can custom build Custom Load Distribution Panels designed specifically for the customer's individual needs. One typical example would be a panel designed for addition of high power loads to existing power distribution systems in cellular applications. Learn More

Combustible Gas Alarm Systems

Maintaining a high degree of safety when monitoring potential accumulation of explosive gases is both affordable and very easy to implement. While it is a relatively rare occurrence, it can be a life-threatening hazard. With a simple low cost approach, it need not be of concern. Let us customize a compact, affordable and effective solution that could be the difference between a routine day and one with serious consequences.

Combustible Gas Alarm Systems are ideal for applications that require simple audible or visual alarms when the gas concentration exceeds the pre-set limit. For alarm annunciation, each gas monitor contains a buzzer and a relay output that can activate an external alarm or another device such as an exhaust fan. Learn More

Monitoring Systems

Monitoring Systems, such as the Self-Contained Audible Alarm is just the solution to help prevent theft or tampering with portable equipment such as off-premise Automatic Teller Machines (ATM's) or Automated Cash Machines (ACM's). Learn More

Battery and Enclosure Systems

Dynamic Battery Sales & Service also offers Battery and Enclosure systems . These systems are often used for cellular base stations that require extended battery backup. The A/C unit is factory set to keep the battery at the recommended 77°F (25°C) for optimum battery life in warm and hot climates. Compatible with standard power boards (rectifiers). These enclosures are of the breakdown design, they can be disassembled for transport to difficult locations such as roof tops and reassembled. Learn More

Complete Solar Electric Power Systems

DBSS can design and supply complete solar electric power systems. Projects have included a large power system (shown on left) that powers a munitions test site located in a remote area of the US Army Yuma Proving grounds in Arizona . This stand-alone system combines a photovoltaic (PV) array, diesel generator and battery power storage system with an integrated inverter and control system. Learn More