DBSS Services and Solutions

Catering to the Consumer

Dynamic Battery Sales & Service (DBSS) maintains a network of corporate alliances and offers virtually unlimited capabilities in both products & services. Our customer base is made up of a wide array of industries and company sizes. We offer our customers a powerful resource to achieve short-term and long-term success.


Ongoing training and expansion of this crew has continued and DBSS has taken on several projects for customers of Nortel Networks in Utah, California, Ohio, Texas, New York and Kansas.Our crews are generally at the Builder-2 or B-3 Nortel skill level for building assignments, and CT (Commissioning tester) level 1 or level 2 for testing and turn up. This experience will allow us to take on additional work of a similar nature. DBSS has electrical contracting licenses in Arizona and California. We have several crews of installers having the following typical skill sets:

DBSS Installer
  • Trained to regulated standards to include Qwest 77350 and AT&T TP76300
  • Extensive battery installation and maintenance experience
  • Position, assemble and install iron work and cable rack
  • Size, cut and install cable (power to 750MCM, coax, twisted pair, etc.)
  • Secure and lace all cabling
  • Level, align and install network bays
DBSS Commissioning and Testing
  • Emerson Network Power Certified
  • Argus Factory Trained
  • Eltek Valere Factory Trained
  • Battery capacity testing
  • Rectifier set-up and alarm verification
  • Perform alarm testing
  • Understands power board and alarm function and test

For specific service requests please contact us for more info.