Patented Disconnects

Patented Disconnects

Dynamic Battery Sales & Service (DBSS) has developed a unique, patented approach to battery safety. The Top Terminal and Side Terminal line of battery disconnects improve the installation and safety of any VRLA battery in any type of back up power application.

The U.S. National Electrical Code (NEC) generally requires that all conductors be protected from overcurrent (Article 240). This protection can be in the form of fuses or circuit breakers that are listed for the application (especially DC voltage) and rated to interrupt both the nominal current and the possible fault current due to short circuits. The batteries used in any back-up power system can burn up the power cables in the event of a fault condition. This can lead to significant equipment damage and lost revenue without over current protection.

The fused termination kits offer the addition of a fuse at the battery where it can provide the most protection. For those applications where a fuse is not the correct solution, the same basic assembly is available in a circuit breaker version with many of the same advantages as well as a remote trip capability. Generally, fuse and circuit breaker models are available in current ratings ranging from almost zero to 4000 amps. (Most typical applications range from 200A to 800A.) These products are available for most brands of VRLA batteries.

The circuit breaker versions can be furnished with a shunt trip option that can be used to implement the Emergency Power Off (EPO) requirements of NEC Section 645.

Product Illustration Expanded View
Side Mount Circuit Breaker
Disconnect kits for GNB Absolyte IIP, Douglas (illustrated), and Deka or East Penn Unigy batteries (ratings to 250A/400A/600A/800A).
Top Terminal Circuit Breaker (or fuse) for GNB Absolyte IIP & XL
The circuit breaker shown at right is intended to mount to GNB Absolyte HP and XL models in place of one of the GNB 'True Top' terminal plates. Kits are available to fit most brands of VRLA batteries (available in 250A/400A/600A/800A).
Fused Side Termination for GNB Absolyte IIP (illustrated), Douglas, and Deka or East Penn Unigy batteries. The 300-800 amp holder shown at the right is intended to mount to GNB Absolyte IIP models that use the GNB side mounted terminal plate (also available in 70-250 amp version.)