FIAMM Industrial Batteries built up over 60 years of experience and capability to supply stored energy solutions for diversified power applications such as Telecommunications, industrials, security, renewable energies and further more. FIAMM product line comprises of sealed (VRLA) and vented (flooded) batteries available in a wide range of capacities and technologies to cater for all requirements.

UMTX Front Terminal VRLA 100 - 180AH

SLA Top Terminal VRLA 25 - 2000AH

FAT Front Terminal VRLA 30 - 155AH

SMG Top Terminal VRLA Gel Tubular Plate 200 - 3000AH

SD-SDH Flooded Lead Selenium Flat Plate 80 - 2320AH

LM Flooded Lead Selenium Tubular Plate 100 - 3500AH

SGL-SGH Flooded Plante 85 - 3000AH