Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets

Modular Cabinet System for Base Station Expansion

Dynamic Battery Sales & Service offers the low cost battery enclosure system shown below. This system is often used for many outdoor applications that require extended battery backup or additional equipment. These enclosures are built from a modular design and are shipped “knock-down” in a compact package. This saves on shipping, reduces potential damage in transit and makes them easily transportable to unconventional locations. Once assembled, all four sides (and top if necessary) are easily removed for access. There are many options and configurations making these infinitely versatile. These Modular Cabinets are lower cost than conventional cabinets.

See how easy this system is to assemble!


  • Available in many stock sizes and custom sizes.
  • Total accessibility by removing side panels.
  • Front and rear panels have padlock tabs ( 3-point latches available).
  • Side panels are secured by bolts accessible from the inside.
  • Rated NEMA-3R, UL listed.
  • Corrosion resistant powder-coated aluminum.
  • Corner structure designed to accept fittings up to 3".


  • Fresh air vent and baffle (in side panel).
  • Intrusion alarm switches on front and rear panels.
  • Available insulated (R-4).
  • 6000 BTUH A/C Unit / 800 watts heating.
  • DC powered ambient air vent (on side panel).
  • Hinged and/or vented front & rear panels.
  • 800-Amp fused disconnect with DC rated fuses.
  • Up to 600A circuit breaker disconnect.
  • High wind loading option.
  • Hydrogen detector/alarm.
  • Blown Fuse Alarm.
  • Temperature gage in door.
  • High / Low temp Alarm.
  • Power Fail Alarm.
  • Custom color.
  • Smoke alarm.
  • Work Lights.
  • Ground bar.

Racks can be engineered horizontal or vertical for creative, high density equipment applications. In battery applications, they can be configured for ten year or twenty year battery products, for flooded or VRLA products. We provide maximum flexibility in our design considerations including UL Listing. The UL listing provides immediate acceptance with building inspectors and code enforcement officials. A UL listing is very helpful in many jurisdictions where code enforcement and zoning restriction are very rigid.

The optional Air-conditioning unit is factory set to 77°F (25°C) for optimum battery. This design is compatible with all standard power boards and batteries. These enclosures can also be manufactured for field assembly allowing them to be disassembled for a lower cost deployment or manual transport to difficult locations such as mountaintops or roof tops and easily reassembled on site.


Click here for defined specs for Battery Cabinets.

Enclosure illustrated is 40w x 54d x 60h. This is an Aluminum enclosure and weighs approximately 350 lbs. This cabinet is UL listed and is Rated NEMA-3R (it is actually built to NEMA-4 but we have added venting).

Batteries may be purchased for delivery with the cabinets.

All sizes available for any application. Click here to view Other Cabinets.

Prices of cabinets are F.O.B. Phoenix, Arizona