Battery Recycling
Dynamic Battery Sales & Service helps its customers to recycle or reuse batteries by working closely with several National Battery recycling programs. Every states now requires that old batteries be properly recycled. We can handle that responsibility quickly and effienctly for every battery type and technology.

When old batteries are sent to recycling plants, each battery is drained, broken down and seperated into various types of materials. Once these are separated, over 97% of the spent batteries are recovered and processed into usable materieals. The lead, plastic and acid are all recyled and used once again.

DBSS will decommission, properly package and palletize your decommisioned battereis. Logistics can be handled quickly and easily. We will arrange for and schedule your spent batteries for collection and transport to the nearest recycling facility. Documentation of disposal and or certificates of recycling are keept on file and can be provided at any time. (A copy is always offered for in- house records as well.)

Recycling doesn't just protect the environment. It reclaims valuable lead and plastic for manufacturing and saves energy and money on raw materials.