Custom Load Distribution Panels

High Current Circuit Breaker Panel

Dynamic Battery Sales & Service (DBSS) offers the High Current Circuit Breaker panel illustrated below. This system is often used for addition of high power loads to existing power distribution systems in cellular applications. A clear rear cover (not illustrated) protects against circuit contact and features a two-part design that easily assembles around cables that exit to the rear, top, or bottom. Multiple lug attachment holes are provided to accept either 1”or 1 ¾”hole-to-hole spacing. Input lugs can enter top, bottom, or rear.

  • Accepts up to 2 lugs per output pole.
  • Lugs can have either 1.00" or 1.75" hole-to-hole spacing for 3/8"- 16 bolts.
  • Lugs can be up to 1.55" wide (other spacings available).
  • Full Coverage, Non-conductive rear cover assembly.
  • Cable holes have knock-outs.
  • Circuit breakers can be up to 250 amps
  • Includes lock-out pin with tag hole for easy lock-out
  • Fits 19-inch or 23-inch panels, Requires 3 “U” (5-1/4") panel space.
  • Includes alarm auxillary switch(es) and wiring harness
  • Multiple lug positions to allow barrel of lugs to remain inside the cover.
  • Tripped CB indicator with isolated alarm relay (form C). (-TR option code)
  • Circuit breakers rated for 125 vdc, 100,000 AIC
  • DBSS-HCCB250-Y-XXX-(options) (Y is # of CB, XXX is CB rating)
  • Available standard circuit breaker ratings are: 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, and 250 amps.
Higher rated design available, contact DBSS for pricing.