Photovoltaic Systems

This system is intended to be the sole electric power source for a munitions test site located in a remote area of the US Army Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona. This is a stand-alone supply designed by combining a photovoltaic (PV) array, diesel generator and battery power storage system with an integrated inverter and control system. The system supplies 480-volt, 3-phase electric power into a local distribution system through a 12.7 kV transformer provided on site.

The basic system is sized at 150 kW AC output from a three phase static power pack inverter manufactured and assembled by Advanced Energy Systems (AES). The AES total system provides the inverter with a micro-computer controller which automates and coordinates the operation of the PV array, diesel generator and battery storage system. Local or remote data collection and control are also possible through the controller, using a cellular based data link for remote access. A separate PV charge controller limits and controls the PV array output when the batteries are fully charged.

The inverter, control system and associated switch gear along with a 240 cell battery system (two 240-volts battery sets) are housed in a 24' X 28' all steel air conditioned building. The PV array uses ASE Americas ASE-300-DGF/50 PV modules, with a total of 378 modules arranged in six south facing rows. The Caterpillar 225 kW generator with integral 600 gallon fuel tank is pad mounted and located on the ground just north of the building.

This robust system is designed to operate with minimum maintenance. The batteries are the GNB Absolyte IIP sealed adsorbed glass mat type requiring at most a semiannual clean up and check for loose connections and leaking cells. The inverter-controller and switch gear operate in a totally automatic mode with little maintenance.

DBSS provided overall project management, electrical design, all the switch gear, procurement management, and quality assurance.

DBSS has also supplied many smaller PV power systems for specific applications such as natural gas field collection automation, street lighting, etc.