Battery Backup Cabinet System for Cellular Base Stations

Battery Backup Cabinet System for Cellular Base Stations


Dynamic Battery Sales & Service offers the battery and enclosure system shown below. This system is often used for cellular base stations that require extended battery backup. The A/C unit is factory set to keep the battery at the recommended 77°F (25°C) for optimum battery life in warm and hot climates. Compatible with standard power boards (rectifiers). These enclosures are of the breakdown design, they can be disassembled for transport to difficult locations such as roof tops and easily reassembled.


  • L6000 BTUH A/C operates on 230 volts ac, 7 amps. Corrosion resistant coating on condensor coil. Heating capacity of 800 watts.
  • Front and rear doors with padlockable 3-point latches. Stainless steel pins in precision aluminum hinges.
  • Fresh air vent and baffle.
  • Enclosure illustrated is 40" x 54" x 88"h. Aluminum enclosure weight 350 lbs. Top is removable. Rated NEMA-3R, built to NEMA-4 standards except for vents.
  • Insulation is R-4.
  • Door open alarm.
  • Total weight is about 6700 pounds with 2 sets of 100A33 batteries installed.
  • Hydrogen sensor/alarm (standard) installed in top above batteries. Powered from 24 VDC. Operates DC powered ambient air vent (not visible). Air exhausts through screened vent around top. Maintenance access for brushless dc fans is from inside.
  • 400-Amp 2-pole fused disconnect with dc rated.
  • Class T fuses. Blown fuse alarm available as an option. Accepts cables up to 250 mcm extra-flex cable.
  • Illustrated at left are two sets of GNB 100A33 ABSOLYTE IIP batteries for 3200 amp-hr at C/8 rate for 24 volts in a 40" x 54” x 88" cabinet. These are sealed low-maintenance, 20-year warranty batteries. Larger/smaller sizes available.


  • Can be furnished with 1 set of batteries with expansion room for the second set.
  • Can be furnished as 1600 amp-hr @ 48 volts.
  • Available with 500A at 24 volts of Magnetek® rectifiers installed above the batteries with a controller.