Side Mount Termination Kit

Fused Side Mount Battery Termination Kit

Dynamic Battery Sales & Service (DBSS) has developed its SideTerm line of battery termination kits to improve the installation and safety of large valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery sets in telecommunication applications. The U.S. National Electrical Code (NEC) generally requires that all conductors be protected from overcurrent (Article 240). This protection can be in the form of fuses or circuit breakers that are both listed for the application (particularly DC voltage) and rated to interrupt both the nominal current and the possible fault current due to short circuits. Without the presence of over current protection batteries used for backup in telecommunications can short circuit and cause significant damage.

DBSS fused terminal kits allow fusing of the battery leads at the battery where the fuse can provide the most protection. For those applications where the battery-mounted fuses are not applicable, the same basic fuse assembly is available in an enclosure for connecting to the power cables. Models are available for other brands of AGM batteries contact DBSS for details.


SideTerm for GNB Absolyte IIP batteries.
70-800 amp holder shown at the right is intended to mount to GNB Absolyte IIP models that use the GNB side mounted terminal plate.


  • UL recognized pull-out fuse holder with 70 to 800-amp Bussmann TPL fuse. Rated for 80 vdc (UL Interupt 100,000).
  • Terminal plate to land multiple 2-hole lugs with 1” and 1.75” hole spacing.
  • Blown fuse alarm relay option.
  • Optional circuit breaker for local dc loads (used in battery cabinets for hydrogen alarm power).
  • Mounts in place of GNB side terminal plate kit, standard GNB side terminal kit used on opposite polarity. Can be mounted on either side of the battery. Includes translucent cover (not illustrated). Easy field retrofit.