Fuse Disconnect

Fuse Disconnect

Dynamic Battery Sales & Service (DBSS) has developed its TopTerm and SideTerm line of battery termination kits to improve the installation and safety of large valve regulated battery sets in telecommunication applications.

The U.S. National Electrical Code (NEC) generally requires that all conductors be protected from overcurrent (Article 240). This protection can be in the form of fuses or circuit breakers that are both listed for the application (especially dc voltage) and rated to interrupt both the nominal current and the possible fault current due to short circuits. The batteries used for backup in telecommunications can burn up the power cables in the event of a short circuit if an over current protection device is not installed.

DBSS fused terminal kits allow fusing of the battery leads at the battery where the fuse can provide the most protection. For those applications where the battery-mounted fuses are not applicable, the same basic fuse assembly is available in an enclosure for connecting to the power cables.

Heavy Duty Fuse Pullout/Disconnect

Dynamic Battery Sales & Service (DBSS ) offers the Battery Pullout/Disconnect system shown below. This system is often used for protection of battery cables in applications up to a 170-volts. The -BF800 series fuse holders accept Bussmann® TPL "Telpower" fuses of up to 800 amperes. The fuseholder is U.L. recognized as a disconnect switch for the interruption of load current by means of withdrawing the fuse carrier. A clear cover protects against circuit contact and requires a phillips screwdriver for access.


  • Accepts up to 4 lugs per pole.
  • Lugs can have either 1.00" or 1.75" hole-to-hole spacing for 3/8"-16 bolts.
  • Lugs can be up to 1.55" wide (other spacings available).
  • Non-conductive enclosure.¨ Available with or without cable holes predrilled.
  • The -BF800 model accepts 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 600, 700, and 800-ampere fuses.
  • The -BF250 model accepts 70, 80, 90, 100, 125, 150, 200, 225, and 250-ampere fuses.


  • Blownfuse indicator (-FI option code).
  • Blown fuse indicator with isolated alarm relay (form C). (-BFI option code)
  • Mounting bracket.


  • # BF-800 External dimensions are 11.81" wide by 15.75" high by 5.50" thick.
  • BF-800 weight without lugs: 12 pounds.


  • CPS-BF800-XXX-(options) (XXX is fuse rating).
  • CPS-BF250-XXX-(options) (XXX is fuse rating).

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